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Locally owned and operated for over 60 Years

 We started out as a Purina dealer selling livestock feed and farm supplies, but times have changed and so have we. Our business has evolved into a store with over 25 brands of pet food, a complete line of pet supplies, wild bird seed, and feeders. We continue to carry Purina, Hubbard, ADM, BIG GAIN and many other feeds.  Whether you are a home owner or operate your own lawn care business we also carry fertilizer, grass seed, and can answer any related questions. We strive to offer the healthiest products available at fair prices. 


 Our store seems to have an endless selection of treats to spoil your pet with! From bones to packaged treats to boxes of bulk treats there is something here that your pet will like. Farmers Feed takes pride in offering healthy snacks and bones sourced here in the USA. In fact, many of the companies are right here in the upper Midwest! When it comes to taking care of your animals we understand they aren’t just pets, but members of your family. Also a good selection of toys, collars, leashes, beds, and kennels. And who could forget the essentials like Shampoo, carpet stain remover, dental care products, flea and tick treatments and supplements. If you’d like something we don’t normally stock we can usually have it ordered in for you within a week. Don’t hesitate to ask


Our warehouse is filled with some of the best feed available for your animals. Whether you have show animals, a hobby farm, or own a commercial operation we can help you out. On site we stock bagged product but you can also order feed from various companies and we will have them deliver it right out to your farm. In the warehouse we also have our own mixer, roller mill, and bagger giving us the ability to create custom mixes as well. Feed from Purina, Hubbard, ADM, BIG GAIN  is offered at Farmers Feed. We also have our own Farmers Feed created rations of calf, chicken, goat and pig bagged and ready to go.  If you’d like something we don’t keep in stock we would be more than happy to order it in.


We carry a wide selection of wild bird seed to keep your feeders bursting with a variety of wild birds. We personally select the feeds to make sure your wild birds keep coming back; addicted to the nutritious food that you provide. Also don’t forget to check out some of our bird feeders when your in the store picking up seed for your favorite wild birds.